Hi, I’m Ryan, a supply chain expert with over
5 years of experience in e-commerce logistics.
A Management and Policy graduated.

My passion for logistics began during my time at university. While most were fascinated by the front-end of e-commerce – the shiny websites and marketing campaigns – I was drawn to the behind-the-scenes operations. How do products get from A to B? How can we ensure timely delivery while minimizing costs? These questions drove me to dive deep into the world of supply chain management.

Upon graduation, I joined this brand, a leading e-commerce platform, where I spearheaded initiatives that reduced shipping times by 15% and cut down costs by 10%. My role involved liaising with vendors, optimizing warehouse operations, and implementing cutting-edge tech solutions to streamline processes.

I’m also a mentor to young professionals entering the supply chain field. Sharing my experiences and guiding the next generation of logistics experts is something I’m deeply passionate about.